Gorkhali in Thailand as ONE

Ramesh and Mira working in Rainbow Indian Restaurant, Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand.

Gorkhali in Thailand as ONE — History of Nepal has immensely barked brave and ONE Unity of Nepalese around the world. Still, Nepalese are symbol of trust, dignity and hard worker,

Ramesh Prarajuli,31 , married, from Myitkyina, Myanmar (Burma) and Mira, 25 from same location are putting themselves in front in Thailand’s tourist market consisting image of Gorkhali. They are working in Rainbow Indian Restaurant, 59 Chakrabongse Road, Bangkok, with their confidence to grow up from the workplace, their work-plan with their passport show all those planning too. They are symbolic representation of Gorkhali from Burma who are working in Thailand. I found a lot with attachment of Nepali nationality too. They are proud to say Gokhali and Nepali as ONE. What’s about out people in Nepal then? Still we are learning to be one again.

It’s wondering our history has marked foot-print even Burma with best and best warrior in history to make Unity and ONE representation. It is great history from our ancestors.

But, what are we doing nowadays (2016) in such crunch of bread of Bigger Nepal of then.



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