Briefly about PRINCE2

2016-12-13-1Briefly about PRINCE2 — Bangkok, Thailand
Rajendra Man Banepali, Bangkok, Thailand, Tuesday, 13 December 2016

1.   PRINCE2

It is being very Interesting of learning PRINCE2 in Bangkok. Prince2 is organized template to stereer project for success within overal governance of management and result base management. Thought there are few draw backs of the course, like lack of action for motivation to team, the blueprint of set of protocol has significant potential steps and element to lead project to success in may ways. It can be tailored according to project’s environment, cost and context. Let’s move on fundamental of PRINCE2.

1.1.              7 Principles

1.1.1.  Continue Justification of Project
(Approved, documentation and life cycle)

1.1.2.  Learn From Experience
(Literature Review)

1.1.3.  Fine Roles and Responsibilities
(Who involved, cross functional, type of resources, effective communication, Business investment reason for value)  – Business, User and Supplier

1.1.4.  Manage by Stages
(work divided into logical stage, depended in technology and environment, technical stage, production two stages – initial stage for business risk and complexity, and management stage – long stage for control to senior management through the control – business plan)

1.1.5.  Manage by Exception (to establish of delegated authority, project board overall direction, project manager for day-to-day project management, delivering – team manager) – Time, Cost, Scope, Benefits, Risks and Quality

1.1.6.  Focus on Products
(Purpose, Composition, Derivation, format, quality criteria and quality methods.)

1.1.7.  Tailor to Suit the Project Environments
(Tailor to suit the project’s environment, size, complexity, importance, capability and risk.

1.2.              Prince Theme

1.2.1.  Business Case
(prepare beginning of project — desirable, viable and achievable, for Continue investment — develop, verify and maintain and confirm)      Develop – Project Mandate, Pre-project (Outline)      Content
(Exe summary, business operation, dis-benefits, timeframe, costs, investment appraisal, major risks.)

1.2.2.  Organization  –temporary
(define roles and responsibilities) – Business, User, Supplier – Six step for stakeholders engagement (Identity Stakeholders, Creating a Analyzing Stakeholders Profiles, Defining the Stakeholders engagement strategy, Planning Stakeholders engagement, Engaging Stakeholders and Measuring effectiveness)  – Roles      Direct – Project Board (Authority, Credibility, Ability to delegate and Availability)      Managing – Project Manager – Day-to-day management      Delivering – Team Manager

1.2.3.  Quality

1.2.4.  Plan

1.2.5.  Risk

1.2.6.  Change

1.2.7.  Progress

2.   Fundamental Structure of PRINCE2 (Graph)

Structural content of Fundamental of Prince2 — RMB

Document: rmb-dec-2016-fundamental-of-prince2



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