Three stories replied me “Why do I need mobility for life” – America Diary October 2011

Wall Street in tension in October 2011 and Rajendra Man Banepali observing Wall Street, New York, USA.

Kathmandu, 9th November 2016 — United Nations (UN) exam centre was in court square of New York which was major destination of my mission to United States of America (USA) in 12th October 2011 including my official assignment to the UN in Manhattan, New York. I met an American man, 28, who was in same exam hall, while returning from exam centre and talked about few things with him about his job and education. His home was in Brooklyn, which was tomorrow’s destination of my trip. He was an American and working in Kenya.  He was also in New York to take examination of the UN. But, he was from outside of the UN. I asked him why he was working in Kenya rather than working in his home town or in any part of USA since everyone thinks that USA is land of opportunities. “There is nothing here for me, I could not earn money here and move to Kenya to earn money”, he expressed with sadness. Most of people not only in Nepal think USA is a land of opportunities and they want to go USA to earn money and comfort life style. The answer stressed new way of thought of USA in front my way. And I was thinking of his mobility from USA to Kenya.

I decided to talk few miles rather than taking train since I wanted to morph myself to environment of New York but there was still gap with me and environment. I was not in absolute position to transform myself into the circumstances. On the way of court square, I felt very hungry and try to search restaurant. I found hotdog shop and asked for hotdog. Its cost was USD 5. I started talking with shopkeeper while I was having hotdog. He was from Canada with his family for money, he said. This story added another point to the matrix of mobility of life. Many queries flow into my mind and barking to explore answer. They are: Is USA is only one and right country to move? If so, why did American man migrate to Kenya for money?

I took metro train for Manhattan and went to Wall Street for short trip. “Wall Street” was one of the interesting and promising places for me too. I found few people talking in Nepali language and tried to re-listen their conversation for confirmation of Nepali tone. They were Nepali. They were selling posters at roadside. I sat down on the road with them and started to talk about their migration and their daily life in New York. They lived in Queens and they daily traveled Manhattan for selling posters. They had Green Card (Diversified Visa, DV). They had five stories house in Mahaboudh and sold when they migrated to USA. This third story added thousand of questions of migration into my mind. DV requires at least 10+2 education background and it shows it does not work there without further education which is almost late for retired age like their age. I found out that they could hardly save USD 1000 or 2000 per month but at least USD 5000 is necessary for living in New York. Those saving do not work for full month if they do not earn for next month and 1000 does not become 1 lakh until it has not transferred to Nepal. My mind was in collision of such thoughts and statement. So many questions were hitting my mind and I did not have even single answer.

Today, 9 November 2016, people of American have elected new president, Donald Trump,  for their future (USA election 2016). Many people including family of Barack Obama are thinking to move to Canada for their comfortable life in Canada. I found second story of Canadian Citizen as very interesting story while people and Obama declared to move to Canada. Each story is trying to answer me that place is not important to migrate but mobility is important for life, move and explore the world rather than moving to one place like only in America or in Canada.

Whether people are moving to Canada today just for unhappiness and lack of legal formalities, it is not sure that tomorrow never enforce them again to migrate to another or return to origin country due to national security or eternal conflict. Those three stories emphasized “Mobility for Life” rather than moving to specific country or place.

Canadian Citizen selling hotdog in Court Square, New York, USA. (RMB, October, 2011)
Green Card holder Nepali selling poster at roadside of Manhattan, New York, USA. (RMB, October 2011).
Green Card holder Nepali woman selling poster at roadside of Manhattan, New York, USA. (RMB, October 2011).
Rajendra Man Banepali, October 2011, in Wall Street, New York, USA.

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