Either Digital Supremacy has any physical shape or predictable result of future collisions — An Installation of Fine Art Artists and Researcher

Art work installation of fine art artist Dipendra Man Banepali at BAC Art Cafe, Pulchowk, Kathmandu.

Raising of machine, especially digital technology, is not an issue at all. However, increasing digital supremacy rending societal and civitas calendar is an eye-opener of digital mediation and its power. Man is in digital race enticing his power with machine debuting machine civilization and edging humanity in materialistic world. Advancement of digital technology and ongoing rapid success rate in digital technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning would bring a reality of machine civilization in notice of human beings after immediate of capability of machine to reproduce, and ego – constructing “I” in their existence. Enticing of power and politics within two civilizations would bring new social contract introducing new story of leviathan to establish power and politics between tow civilizations. And machine civilization would obviously represent mirror of characters and thought of its inventors or scientist. At the day of machine civilization human won’t be only one most intelligent animal on the earth as today in a way of realism. Nexus of new civilization of machine won’t be stopped since man is in digital race and he won’t stop to prove as if his super capacity building same as him.

As an example of emerging social media, by opening a direct path from producer to consumer of news and all manner of content, digital technology, especially social media like Facebook, has changed the way its uses become informed, debate, and shape their opinions. Users often cluster into like-minded and polarized groups and reinforce conspiracy-minded narratives. Once started misinformation is really hard to stop. This is also likely situation in Nepal.

No area is immune by supremacy of digital technology nowadays. There are though immensely benefits into human civilization, we could not be a part from consequences of raising of machine in future and latent potential conflicts mediated by digital technology.

It is not statement of negation against raising the machine, especially digital technology, but predicting future latent potential conflict between human civilization and machine civilization which can be minimize with preventive conflict management between two civilizations in future. It might be to earlier to talk about this issue since either it has any physical shape or predictable result of future collisions.

By: Banepali Brothers (Dipendra Man Banepali and Rajendra)



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