Earn people and knowledge, not only money – a trip summary

A group - 1200
Aloof from isolation, splinter of togetherness during a trip.

A human being enters into the world only with their blood relations – mother, father, sister and brothers – and rest of the relations is result of his/her (a man’s) journey with faith of trust and affection towards his connections he meets. The journey cannot be aloof with any connecting people and with their memories, sometimes being unforgettable memories in a short time spam that I have gone through during a trip of research exposure visit to Kalyani University (Kolkata), Naida, West Bengal, India.

“They are our scholars of this department and we will work together here”, Sujoy. “Raj, take this charger”, He said getting the charger from his guide since I forgot to bring charger in Nepal. “Raj, be careful of surrounding environment while traveling to Kolkata city and don’t wear that gold chain”, expressed her concern ensuring security measures of trip holiday trip. “I love mountainous and Hill area and love to visit Nepal soon”, said Enakshmi with her believe of faith. Those conversations are not only the words indeed, it is encapsulation of extreme help and care and my journey would gained any meaning without their touch and feelings to engage with me during their rush schedules. They had borne me at least two weeks in department of computer science and engineering in Kalyani Government Engineering College. They showed their most precious and friendship during launch programme together with me. A frame of group photo, togetherness, precious timing only for the event and adorable get up are symbolically meaning of their trust and fruits of friendship to root in this platform of the journey of life. I wish, may we would have a journey together on the way.

Wondering meeting very dashing professors from different universities and department during this trip, I came to put full stop this trip today spending 2 weeks in the department of computer science and engineering of Kalyani University. Of the effort and positive response of Professor Dr. JK Mandal and trust of Professor Dr. Subarna Shakya toward me are key making this trip successful today. It would be wonderful dedicated my gratitude to both of professors.

Not only in Kalyani University but also an engineering college – Kalyani Government Engineering College – has offered me a presentation about “Knowledge Management” – in their college and they have also invited in lunch with them but I have already promised a lunch with my colleagues of the department. I kept my promise with colleagues as well as went to the college in time for the presentation that I have promised to do. And I would like to thank assistant professor Dr. Satyam Mandal for giving me such sharing platform and logistic support during my trip.

My trip does not end only with those big short of academic area, but also with some few touching words from unnoticed people like juice shopkeeper – Arun Roy, caretaker of university, and chaat shopkeeper – Bidhan Biswas –  who also added my into Facebook that I have come to know after few days – Bidhan said. He showed his intimacy when I was in the last days of university and he request me to get his photo with me taking to Nepal. “I felt so happy meeting you”, Chaat shopkeeper Bidhan said. Juce shopkeeper – Arun Roy also asked for my phone number and contact detail to be connected with me in future. And caretaker of the university share a secondary school result of his kid. “Unknowing and rigorously I would like to share this result with you, Sir, but I don’t know why. I am very happy to meet you in this university”, said caretaker of the university. If some people share their happiness and sorrow with you with their faith, isn’t that is awesome? I enjoyed and learn a lot of lot – meaningful part of life too.

After all, beyond these scene of trip, there are lots of observations and explorative materials which would be spotted in upcoming days with a story.


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