My Interview by Bett Asia, UK – about Knowledge Management


A-bookWith an aim of innovative way of learning in education sector using information technology, Bett Asia, an organization in United Kingdom, is working in Asian countries pursuing many conferences and summit like leadership summit and worldwide exhibition. Bett Asia and I had a schedule of interview about knowledge management and some research work that I have been working nowadays.

The interview was focused on knowledge management and ICT in education how information technology could play vital roles in education sector in least development countries like in Nepal.

With manifold challenges along with major components – acquisition, development/analysis and sharing – of Knowledge management, organization has to work on significant issue to deal in initial phase. These challenges are categorically indexed into two phases – internal and external. The issue within components of acquisition and development are considered as internal challenges whereas issues in sharing is considered as external challenges in knowledge management. Acquisition is process of collection of information and documents which is analyze and procced for further development storing into knowledge management database for sharing mechanism latter on. Knowledge management is not only center idea of technology implementation but also it is idea of knowledge generation and an ecology of knowledge management using information technology in modern domain. It is not only managing information using technology. Coordination, strategic planning of project, ensuring meta-data integrity using thesaurus, human resource management, promotional activities, technology integrity and learning are immensely important in the context of knowledge management implementation in any organization and way forward of implementation mechanism with proper documentation is also required for sustainable project management in knowledge management. Without sharing mechanism and share approach, there is no any value creation of knowledge management project. Sharing component should be executed with essence of user centric approach rather than supply driven approach only. Proper research work of target group and appropriate technology and tools should be implemented to enhance share mechanism of knowledge in target group and learning from project execution is very much important for further roadmap.

Such knowledge management project is very much important in educational sectors and some of knowledge management projects in south Asia have been begun targeting academic area, for example: for student, researchers, and academicians. Not only for academic area but also in other sector like media and learner, knowledge management project opens a door to acquire a door for them enhancing their knowledge. Especially if we are talking about institution knowledge management like the UN, it is quite useful for all sectors, persons, and public indeed.

Implementing such knowledge management project in least developed country is challenging since such huge project should be implemented with phase wise and with appropriate technology, human resources and sustainable approach.


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