People beyond e-readiness are also waging in digital war of text


Airport in Kolkata

Kathmandu – Kolkata, 1 May 2016 – Digital war is waging in few communities and group edging social activities within digital supremacy. People with digital technology are rendering their social calendar with deep meaning of digital mediation nowadays. But, not only few people but also significant people, who are left beyond e-readiness in Nepal, are not still out of range of digital war in Nepal since digital technology is also securing its marks in concurrent politics in Nepal and politic always governs all interest of civic. I found some people on the way of traveling to Kalyani University, Kolkata who symbolically represent those people beyond e-readiness in Nepal but they are also indirectly connected with digital war in their area.

A man, 36, Mahotari, asked me in international airport of Kathmandu, “Please help me to fill up the form of departure information” giving his every immigration documents to me. I found very interesting and needful to help him to fill up the form and I did and I advised him to fill another form as I filled up so that he could be able to fill up the form of his destination – QATAR. Even he was unable to understand what I was writing for him and he was not aware of documents he has. And second case was similar to this case but it is ambiguous.

A man of international airport of Kolkata was helping a girl but he was in confusion of date of birth which was written in Nepalese citizenship. A girl asked me to assist of filling the form. I filled up the form according to her citizenship asking other information required for the form – like contact person, phone numbers of destination. But, she does have even phone number. In addition, I asked purpose of travel to Kolkata. She was in urgent call of her sister who was very seriously sick in Tegharia, nearby international airport of Kolkata – as she replied. She set off for her check-in line and I found she was in diplomate line. She might not know about the line. Officer was talking with her and does not have even passport indeed. As the girl with smile and happy mood was dealing with officer, I was quite surprising seeing with abnormal behavior with rest of the people around airport.

Emerging digital influences at ground level and individual in society is prominently penetrating in such a way that people beyond e-readiness are also bounded blunt of consequences of digital supremacy in reality nowadays in some least countries like in Nepal. Though those two symbolic characters do not have direct connection with digital war going on in Nepalese society using digital media but digital war is going on their own area, culture and dignity.



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