…and I trust government school

Admission notice
Admission notice of Balmiki primary school administration announcing free school dress, food and waives of any other cost of schooling.

Significantly decreasing number of students in most of government schools only blaming of increasing number and success of private schools is not natural getting excuse of escape or it is like a hoax of lack of quality education in government school nowadays. There are very good and excellent teachers in government schools but people are not still quite ready to send their children in government schools in city area but they are dreaming to get job in government schools because not only salary and entitlement of teacher are more handsome than teachers of private school but also it is matter of stable job in government schools. Why are we having contrast in present action and future prospects? It is not only matter of lack of quality assurance of education in government schools and is not obviously matter of fee structure and other expenses. Everything is free in government school but still people are not sending their children in government schools if they can afford private school in their best. And it is matter of lack of trust building demonstrated by management of the school though they have more capable and excellent human resources than private schools.

I personally believe government schools that government schools have more capable teachers than private schools since procedures of selection and examination for government school are more scientific and reliable than procedures that average private schools implement.

Sometimes, infrastructure is not also less than average private schools that I have experienced in a school just few days ago in my area, Sinamangal. A primary government school in my area has just 12 students this year and they have posted big advertisement of free schooling with school dress and tiffin for student during school but still people are in delay to send their children in the school. There are five qualified teachers in the school. Library of the school is also not less than private school and other infrastructure like building is also excellent.

I failed to see problem of only quality assurance of education but it is highly rendered by prestige issue if people admit their children in government school. Quality assurance of education is just excuse of escape of avoiding to admit children in government school. A man said to me, “Send some poor and orphan children for study and they have not to pay anything else, schooling is completely free with school dress, books and meal during school time”. Is government school only for poor and orphan children? I didn’t have any words to reply him because only before one class, my kids were in very local school. However, I am not also exception of those population being father later on.

I personally believe that government schools are not less than private schools anymore in terms of human resources and other resources but failed to check trust building. It is lack of trust building among current society and aptitude of ownership to lead ahead today. I trust government schools and the trust was built upon my 11 years of struggle in government school to pass School Leaving Certificate in the first division.

school building
School building.
class room
Class room.
Library of school for kids.

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