Difficult professor is liked after your graduation

Dr. Ram Thapaliya at Yak and Yet
Dr. Ram Thapaliya (left) making a big smile in meeting at Yak and Yeti. 

Kathmandu, (RMB Social) 20 April 2016 – Classroom of Dr. Ram Thapaliya for “Models and Applications of Conflict Resolution” in 2012 was full of students with pin drop silence. I was at the last bench as habitual. Lecture was very nice and crystal clear and presentation slides were moving. At the middle of class, I could not understand about just one previous slide and requested Dr. Thapaliya for his review on previous presentation slide of “multi track diplomacy”. He stopped for a while in the pin drop silence but moved back to the slide and furnished the conceptual review once again. I understood the lecture very clearly. At the end of his furnishing, he fired a statement – “Mr. Banepali, you wasted my 5 minutes in my class and onwards you never act such activity again”. Literally, I was speechless and could not dare to act nothing at the moment. Later on, Dr. Thapaliya had given me an opportunity to facilitate and mediate a workshop, conflicting parties and colleagues of the university at the end of semester which was one of the remarkable journey of my life in social interface in a different ways.

Today (April 2016), I met him in a party and had very fantastic talk, which was very different than in a class, with him. That was the first meeting with Dr. Thapaliya after the school. He was though known as one of difficult professors in the school, he became a very nice after graduation. Is it really surprising or turn of personality?

Being a good student is a way to acquire knowledge from difficult professor. It is always the question of whether being difficult professor is good or bad. I won’t be able to learn if he was not difficult. It was my responsibility of being good student in a school. I was ready. I faced many queries in my every presentations, was ready indeed, and failed to answer but was snooping to learn from the gaffe and his hardness in the class. His act was natural indeed to make us a rolling stone.


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