Social Media: Digital Migration in Cybernetic Loop

13046143_10206051746396673_820478513_nKATHMANDU, 17 April 2016 (RMB Social Cybernetic): Two hundred eleven social media websites are rendering their activities in the world and some of few are in line of luring people around the world with their priority. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are dominating other social media as if Facebook is introducing as the Internet among upcoming new users in cybernetic world. There are other social media in the history in which many youth have spent a lot of time and shared their experiences and the world has also experienced those cyber space in the different communities. Where are those social media and users? How people can track down their experiences of their history and why they move to other social space are much important questions to figure out death of Facebook – as it is spreading its influences in social calendar of people around the world redefining the Internet. There is only one truth — “CHANGE”.

History of social media was found since 1995 introducing “” which was specially center of attraction for school, college, work and military followed by Orkut in 2004, and MySpace owned by Microsoft in 2003 which is still running and Orkut owned by Google has been shut down. Orkut having 100 million registered users was specially operated in India and Brazil and it had also its consequences in social activities, especially with youth in India which made headline of national newspapers. What did registered users of Orkut do in transition of Orkut closing? And why did they move to other digital space? These are very important questions not only for mega player of social media but also for inline actors, researchers, academicians who are playing significant role in social development and activities considering how society, especially youth, are moving ahead. In the other hand MySpace having 8 million registered users have been also moving to other cyberspace. This is digital migration of digital social identity in another home. But, where?

Most of the people might another home as Facebook. Really, is Facebook having 1.3 billion registered users being able to holding all those digital migrants? It is claiming today that only registered users are 17.56 per cent around the world and they are using Facebook. Nowadays, most of the people are engaged into social media, especially like Facebook in youth circle and it is claiming as most popular social media in the Internet. But, is there any cumulative numbers of people moving to others? Yes, there are. Especially youth and teen ager are moving to another cyber space leasing their freedom from crowd cyberspace including their parents and other bird eyes view of social surveillance. Freedom is one of endless peace for human which is also one of the components that is being killed by social media and people are moving to secret and isolated media to share within group and parties. Youth are making their own group in other cybernetic loop to share and express their feelings. Growing of Facebook is not only growth of commutation of its share in market but also its growth is another digital migration in future. There is only permanent and it is “CHANGE.


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