Service Architecture for Information System

KATHMANDU (RMB Tech), 9 April 2016 – Service Architecture seems sometimes very lengthy and complex phenomena in computing only if it needs to render few unclassified information or documents. It is technical diplomacy of mechanical or software actors involved in process of information processing in order to produce human readable document. Service architecture provides interface to render data to process further into next module producing presentable information – as human could read in their own way. Making human readable information is spinoff multiple processes involved – data retrieving, merging, calculating and modification. Observing those multiple processes, major three modules – data service, web service, and presentation service – can be considered in service architecture for Information System in which centralized service architecture is nowadays widely being used for data security, data integrity and consistency in cloud. It is also used for desktop software too.

Data Service – data service provides data interface with defined connectivity. Physical data should not be exposed without any layers for example: View, Synonym, Procedures or Functions. These layers play very crucial roles even in data protections from level of users. Making effective data retrieving operation using joins in “views” is not only requirement of joining multiple tables for related data but also it is data encapsulation for variety of users and data security from SQL injection especially in web application. Traditional web developers used physical data table which is cashed by SQL injection to hack the web application. Data service is not limited only to provide data but also it acquires and modify data. In same major some other procedures should be used to acquire or modify data into physical data – directly table should not be given to process. “Store Procedures” or “Function” should be used for encapsulation of business logic and templating of physical address of data. Store procedures also prevent SQL injection and other error of being inserted of special characters in data definition.

Web Service – Centralized business logic and security plan are embedded into web service to provide machine readable result on request of presentation service with programming interface which is platform independent like web service. Since the service is made of web service, any other agent could access the service proving token of programing. Web streaming and rendering for result in XML document is best practice for simple web service. Returning web objective is also another complex mechanism in web service using methods. Parameterized or non-parameterized methods are used to obtain result. Web service should also adhere protocol of data processing: retrieval, modification and insertion of data service. Required business logic and security layers should be used into web service to make robust application with service level architecture.

Presentation Service – Data from web service which is narrow down to specified requirement through data service and other layers provide one interface making data consistency for multiple agents or applications. Presentation service might be in any form or any platform. It is not require specific requirement except communication protocol of web service. Presentation service should have capability to communicate with interface of web service to interact with data server using methods of web services. Presentation service prepare human readable information in appropriate outlook.

Cited figure 1: demonstrates service architecture framework for information system with detail outlook of individual agents within the service module which are pursuing integrity and data security measures.

Service Architecture has numbers of benefits and data security measures. Presentation service does not need to worry about database structures, objects and even connectivity. Instead of these concern, presentation service should extend its capacity to understand middle layer of web service, and it should not care about any complexity of data server too. Every service could be into one physical server or each service could have its own server which leads division of cost of process and faster result in complex system and it is required in such complex information system which should not compromise effectiveness of result along with data security.

This architecture is very useful for e-government applications and other stakeholders in Nepal since it appropriate and essential for those complex applications to deal with at least some data security measures. Most of the applications being made in government sector and international organization are in such structure nowadays in Nepal.


– Rajendra Man Baepali


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