Earthquake in 6D Kung Fu Panda

Existence of Dharohara after earthquake in April 2015. Dharohara was fallen down in the first jolt in the last year. Photo: Rajendra while going for Cinema with family.

KATHMANDU (RMB Social), 9 April 2016 – We were in cinema hall watching “Kung Fu Panda” in which a lot of scenes are very funny, scary and vertical limit of fighting between iconic actors and obviously lovely and cute Panda of kids. In the beginning of film in the cinema hall, everyone was looting and shouting in every moment of scene since it was 3D and sound system was pumping hearts. The sound was very strong generating some vibrations in hall. Kids – my son and daughter – were in their first experience with 3D cinema and had been having a lot of fun with adventure and fun. Once vibration of sound of film occurred in vertical jolt and my wife found it was an earthquake again. Once again everyone in hall was panic but cinema continued with fun and very interesting scene. “This cinema hall has been upgraded into 6D and even our 5 organisms would work during cinema hall”, I said immediately to my wife and kids. She replied positive with smile and continued to watch cinema again. They enjoyed the cinema with a lot of fun and adventure. My kids were acting and playing with all characters of film and duping themselves in essence of character. Finally 1 hour 38 minutes lengthy film was over and “The cinema hall was not upgraded anymore and it was only 3D not 6D”, I said to my beloveds, “The jolt during cinema was real”. All stood and paused for a second.

I don’t want to see them in scary scene again like almost one year before in April 2015. So, I made a story to pretend a fear and to make them stable. “If we are together, why should we get fear?” I said, “I don’t run without you all, and why should I run for what?”

Should we worry of earthquake all the time? or should we sensitive of earthquake for preventive measures? It is really roaming around my mind. I found too much worrying of such earthquake is killing people before their death. Staying safe and taking preventive measures are best way to be safer than being worried. Dying in every second of life is better than being courageous to face risk with preventive measure in days ahead.

– Rajendra Man Banepali


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