E-Readiness of Okhaldhunga Observing Conflict

OneDegree InitiationThere is no doubt that slow social-economic development and lack of literacy over the years are major indicators to support ICT priority in Okhaldhunga. Though there are relatively improvement in terms of ICT and priority set by government and corporation in Okhaldhunga; low literacy and lack of ICT policies and political agenda are in front to block ICT penetration of the ICT among people. Incline degree of MDG of Nepal also contributes to increase ICT priority in Okhaldhunga.
Obviously human development is in front to lead overall priority of rest of the world to prevent the conflict which might arise due to lack of proper ICT policies in the ground; for example; conflict of Rumjhatar using extra Ncell SIM of Anita Rokaya is one example for such reflections in the ground. But, mobile harassment in Mamkha was another story of Binu Rai who was victim by Prem Rai. Conflicting parties used mobile to express their historical revenge and such conflict might be resolute with serious concession of inner interest of conflicting parties. Mobile and ICT equipment are only the mean to execute the conflict.
Human mobility and personal relations were distinctly visible as a major escalator to upgrade knowledge of ICT in a person. The person, who has personal relation out of the Okhaldhunga especially in Kathmandu, has wide knowledge of emerging technology and its benefits to their business, career and personal life.
Some ICT project initiated by donor and private sector has no sustainable development due to lack of alignment with livelihood of people for whom the project was lunched. Those projects lunched in rural area like Rumjhatar should address socio-economic activities — like farming, marketing, education, and official work. Rumjhatar VDC’s telecentre could not continue its service since the centre could not focus on what people need in the ground. Only operating computer for typing and chatting will not be sufficient to survive but those activities should be integrated into socio-economic activities in order to turn support for livelihood.
Post conflict and transition of nation were clearly reflected in work plan and performance of VDC and DDC. It was not found even a single priority of direct plan for ICT rather than priority available regular development budget has been declined by 33 per cent due to election arrangement by the state. Conflict is very costly and post conflict scenario is very hard time to mark the development activities. It was found that local government has no initiative of ICT and has very low e-readiness.
Big public and private sectors — like NTC and Ncell — and other small cottage business houses are major contributor to connect Okhaldhunga with rest of the world via telecommunication and internet. Due to proper management and lack of market small cottage business houses has been shut down and new are coming too. Partnership of public and private (3P), not only in ICT but also in other socio-economic activities, is found very important to increase ICT visibility in Okhaldhunga.

E-Readiness of Okhaldhunga Observing Conflict – RMB Official Promo (2013) 

Screening Schedule
SN Date                                          Venue                                         Remark
1 Wednesday, 18 December 2013 — Tribhuwan University, CPDS, 6 Cohort – Premiere Show
2 Sunday, 22 December 2013        — Tribhuwan University, CPDS, 7 Cohort – Proposing
3 ***                                                           — Samarpan Academy – Institute of Crisis –                                        Management Studies – Proposing
NOTE: If anyone or organization wishes to screen the documentary for non-commercial purpose, please contact at Rajendra.Banepali@yahoo.com

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