Design own database in C

Snap shot of Sahara Database
Snap shot of Sahara Database

C programmer always dreams to create his/her own programme to make it visible to public. Here, Sahara database is one own database design in C language to solve a simple task in 1998-2000. The database was designed by Rajendra Man Banepali. RDBMS data structure has been employed with referential integrity of data using primary and foreign key into tables. There are still preliminary functions of database since it needs to develop by community.

For open source and community development, the project was host in for further enhancement. Students, volunteers could join for its enhancement. Source code and release version has been uploaded for reference. The project has very clear and simple concept to learn C and data structure with file handling system with its features of binary data. 

The programme was design for windows 95/98 or windows me. Please consider platform while running the programme if it does not work in other platform. Windows of programme has been designed using ASCII values and it is originally designed which is absolutely independent windows: it is not brought from any DOS programme. It seems like a windows of EDIT command of DOS or C editor. So, beginner could get confusion on widows rather than database.

If anyone want to give her/his effort to the project, can visit the online open source Sahara Database project. It project link is For further discussion and communication on Sahara Database, please use project website in or for further more information on on-going project and about Rajendra, you may send email to Since the volume of emails, response might be delay but I reply.

Big snap shot of Sahara Database
Big snap shot of Sahara Database developed by Rajendra Man Banepali in 1998-2000.



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