Human Movement and ICT Awareness

Human Movement and ICT Awareness
Rajendra Man Banepali
22 December 2011

GHANDRUK, 22 December 2011 – Seven class dropped out Sailee Bika – 22 (Name Changed) from Ghandruk was busy with her 3 years sons preparing for a school in the absence of his husband for oversea. She seemed so busy for family arrangement and household. As local people she is spending her days in farming and other community social work. She was attending a meeting for community social worker that morning. She is aware of electronic devices such as mobile, internet phone, and voice chat while she is supposing to communicate her husband in aboard. She cannot operate computer herself but she used to go Tele-centre for communication. She dragged my attention to indicate movement of her husband and she had to uses those electronics communication devices. Demand dragged out uses of electronics devices and awareness of electronics devices.

Fortunately it was an opportunity to talk with another lady – Sobha – 36 (Name Changed), four class dropped, on the way in Ghandruk. She stated her daily life as local people’s while we had a cup of work milk at her house. Her husband is working at a school as a helper. She got a mobile phone from his elder son just 5 days before since her son, who is studying at Pokhara, got new mobile set. She can pick up the phone and can talk. But, she cannot operate other functions of the mobile. I asked. “I can operate the mobile if mobile system in Nepali language.” – In reply since she knows Nepali, she highlights her knowledge to know some Nepali words in written. It seems lack of Nepali medium in mobile set is a barrier to operate the mobile set. Using my mobile and her mobile I assisted her some functions of mobile such as dialing phone numbers, and hands free as if she has to let some people listen her conversation. She is aware of computer but not with internet. She seemed so eager to operate mobile and talking in mobile in such a way she made me a call while my team were supposing to return to Pokhara from Ghandruk. Finally, we wished for our safe journey on phone.

While stalling household in Ghandruk no one has computer and most of them are not aware of internet. I could get only 6 hotels with internet connection and most of them are out of order due to technical reason of low quality of internet connectivity. There is no internet agent from stakeholders like government and private sector too. I came to know while talking with president of tele-centre. They are using internet from Habir Pun service paying two thousand rupees per month. But, the quality of connectivity is very poor. They commented the high prince of internet connectivity in the village. It is not affordable to the villagers. Most of the youths of Ghandruk are out of station to meet their destination and they use mobile to communicate with their family, one of the official of Village Development Committee (VDC) stated in interview with me. I found human moment drags technology uses rapidly.

Some students of grade 10 from a school do not know about internet. They know about electronics devices such as Radio, TV, and mobile. They have forgotten even to start computer and they were not aware of internet too. They have not used computer since last two years while they were in class eight. We hope they will learn computer and other electronics devices for communication and for other proposes while they move for their destination ahead from the station.

Download original version in PDF – Human Movement and ICT Awareness


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