30 minutes at downtown

House of Tharu people in Sauraha, Chitwan.

SHAURAH, 16 December 27, 2011 — I and my team moved to Shaurah after busy schedule of presentation. Our driver dropped us at riverside and we enjoyed the sun set taking dozen of snaps attaching ourselves into the natures while we got to stick with two beautiful. The moment with new friends added values and coverage into the life. The new feelings and sharing of experience made us close to make more effective plan ahead. We decided to stay at Shaurah for a night and search for a lodge. We got it. A manager of lodge suggested us to get relax attending a cultural dance of Tharu people at downtown hall. We went, and we got ready for new venture.

One of my friend paid 240 rupees for four friends, sat down middle of the hall and waited for novelty of presentation from Tharu people. It was very interesting since I was very new for those cultural dances. A foreign couple was sitting just beside me. Most of the foreigners were sitting at the front as delegates; there might be high rate for non Nepali people.

The culture dance started and we enjoyed a lot. At the middle of the programme, the event hit my mind and opened a key with an awesome sense. In a context of diminishing indigenous culture in Nepal, the cultural tourism is one of the good way to keep the culture’s existence with economical activities. Why cannot we start such a programme in Bhaktapur, my home town, coordinating with tourism sector with economic activities for sustainable development? Economic actives push up people, especially youth, to involve such routine. if local people can survive showing such cultural programme, not only they can boost up their life but also we can contribute their life into social life with sustainable culture, identity, and originality.

Download Original Version in PDF – 2011-12-17 30 Minutes in downtown



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