Brief on Concept of Poverty

That poverty is a multi-dimensional concept is beyond dispute. Poverty can be locked upon as a state of powerlessness of a person in abnormally functioning society, as lack of capabilities of this person to fully participate in the normal livelihood of that society, as a back of acceptable culture pertaining to that society, or as a back of acceptable culture pertaining to that society. But once of the most powerful concepts of poverty is that lack o adequate income to acquire necessary food and none-food items for normal living. Income is important because it reflects command over resources: it can be used as means for a person to get what he/she is lacking.

But how inadequate? Many international organizations involved in international poverty comparison such as the World Bank used one US dollar a day in equivalent local currency as a minimum income to classify the poor from the non-poor. Although attempts have been made to make sure that the same purchasing power parity (PPP) is applied across countries, meaning that this one differences across countries necessitate a need to have a country-specific account the structure of population, their living conditions in specific climate, their eating habits, the availability of food and other non-food items and their different prices, and so on. This is the main reason why many countries including Nepal try to establish their own country-specific poverty income.

Government of Nepal, National Livelihoods Survey 2004, has poverty line having Per Capita Income (PCI) less than or equals to NRs. 6,400. Those people who are below poverty line and PCI less than 4001 is easy to say hardcore poor.

– Rajendra Man Banepali


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