“सामाजिक सम्बन्धका गतिशीलता र युवाहरुमा सामाजिक डिजिटल पहिचान ”: Social Digital Identity

काठमाडौं, १० मे २०१९ – सरल र सहज जीवनशैलिमा डिजिटल प्रविधिले पु्रस्कृत गर्दै हाम्रो जीवनलाइ नयाँ उचाइमा पुर्याउनुका साथै ज्ञात वा अज्ञात मान्छेहरुका वा मान्छेहरुका भेषमा संस्था वा निकायका फरक परिचयका साथ नयाँ चुनौतीहरु पनि निर्धारित गरेको छ।

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Disruptive Power in Cybernetic: Govt servers down

IMG_0278KATHMANDUKathmandu, 6 May 2019 — Anonymous does have no state or any identification or any digital social identitylocation to penetrate network for data breaching from most critical resources like government servers. Most of government servers in Nepal were hacked on Sunday, 6th May 2019 according to national media. There are thought absence of hundred of lax in technical measures in infrastructures and hacking or attacks of anonymous can’t be stopped technically but it can be prevented till the time when it was not hacked.

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Freedom of Expression in Digital Diplomacy: Academic Paper

cropped-img_7166-copy3.jpgPeople living with or without digital technology have been pushed to enter a first-hand interface leveraging the extensive power of digital technology, pushing the conventional approach of social conversation and remapping actors in terms of negotiating power in social dialogue. Emerging technology has introduced a new way of expression—freedom of expression—and a voice to be heard. Reporting news by anyone or anonymously is an example of freedom of expression leveraged by digital technology; for example, text as an expression in social media. Continue reading “Freedom of Expression in Digital Diplomacy: Academic Paper”

कसैलाई पछाडि नछोड्नका लागि आफैलाई चुनौती दिनुहोस

काठमान्डौँ, २७ अप्रिल २०१९ ‐ जतिबेला उनी कम्प्युटरमा डिजिटल पुस्तकालयको सामाग्रीका लागि काम गरिरहेकी थिइन्, म गुणस्तरको बारेमा चिन्तित थिए। हाम्रा एक साथी, रोहिनि लामाले भिनिन्, “सांजीया श्रेष्ठ, सामग्रीको विकासको लागि हाम्रो टोलीको सदस्य हो” र मैले थपे, “उनी हाम्रो लागि विशेष छिन्।”

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Challenge yourself “leaving no one behind”

Rajendra Man Banepali delivering speech in st. Xavier college.

Kathmandu, 27 April 2019 – While she was working in computer for content of digital library, I was worried about the quality of content. But, she proved that I was wrong. She produced the highest quality of content among our team. One of our colleagues said, “Sanjiya is a member of our team for content development” and I added, “she is special for us.”

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Biska Jatra in Bhaktapur | Photo Story

People in Yoshingkhel, Bhaktapur for Biska jatra.

Sunday, 14 April 2019 – Commonly known as Biska Jatra is an annual event in Bhaktapur, Dhapasi Thimi and Tokha and other places in Nepal. The festival is celebrated at the start of the new year on the Bikram Sambat calendar, however, the festival itself is not related to Bikram Sambat.

Legend has it that this celebration is the “festival after the death of the serpent”. Various areas of Bhaktapur city celebrate this festival according to their own rituals. The most eventful places are Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Thimi Balkumari. A chariot carrying a statue of the God Bhairava is pulled by hundreds of people to the Khalla Tole. Approximately a month earlier, the chariot is assembled near the Nyatapola temple (five stair temple).

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Balkanization and Enclaves: Banning PupG in Nepal?

img_8548-1137344456.jpgCan anyone or government stop accessibility of any content of the Internet if e-readiness is high in the state? Probably it is almost not. PupG was recently banned and porn was blocked few months ago by the authority in Nepal. Stopping and filtering internet contents in specific geo-location is known as Balkanization in which not only content but also any technology might be in corner from population. The question, is it possible to stop on current context in Nepal? It works but there are few things which descale balkanization. There are vividly two factors – 1. Fragility of technology and 2. Economics of technology.

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Digital Conflict in Okhaldhunga

Bindu Rai in conflicting scene explaining about mobile harassment, May 2013.

Mamkha, Okhaldhunga, May 2013 – Study of conventional of persons, group or inter-nations is popular. Relations between conflict and digital technology was not in headline like today in earlier days in 2012 when I started my conflict study in university. That was my beginning to seek conflict dynamics with relation of digital. I picked up following case study from my term paper in May 2013 for you. Enjoy. Think.

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